Steve King ‘Applied predictions’ Building better outcomes with predictive models – Steve King

July 08 ,2020

Pat Farr ‘Meaningful tech’ is tech for good – Pat Farr

July 08 ,2020

Ian West 15 steps to make your business GDPR defensible – Ian West

July 08 ,2020

Tech Leadership Podcast

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July 08 ,2020

Systematic Thinking in a Complex World of Work | Martin Permantier

Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. He...

July 07 ,2020

Simplifying the Complexities of Data with Solidatus | Philip Miller

Philip Miller is a Senior Architect, Analyst and Engineer with...

July 02 ,2020

Fundamental Principles for Success in a $5.5bn Business | Valentin Vincendon

Valentin Vincendon is the Vice President of Business Intelligence at...

June 30 ,2020

Future-proofing the Tech Industry | Ross Bray

Future-proofing the Tech Industry  Ross Bray leads Alps Education's Software...

June 25 ,2020

Taking Virtual Reality to the Next Level | Paul Blakey

We caught up with Paul Blakey - who is Head...

June 23 ,2020

Using Tech to Disrupt the Insurance Industry | Neil Walker

Neil is the Head of Architecture at Covéa Insurance and has...

June 19 ,2020

Combining Tech with Marketing in eCommerce | Haroon Hussain

Haroon Hussain is consulting with as head of development...

June 16 ,2020

Using Tech to Simplify Big Data | Davide Anastasia

Davide is the Head of Data at Funding Options As...

June 11 ,2020

Set Goals and Make them Happen | Jane Rutter – Zeal

  Jane is the CEO of Zeal - a full...

March 20 ,2020

The US Healthcare Space – Nathan Drake

Nathan is CTO @ Dental Sleep Solutions. In his impressive...