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Changing workforce trends are impacting the traditional workforce model resulting in a rise in temporary / non-permanent workers. Managing this external workforce can be complex, challenging and costly

How it works

Venturi Unite’s next generation, collaborative workforce management solutions reduce risk, cost and inefficiencies when managing contingent workers by enabling increased visibility, control and governance from 'vacancy to payment’ of the workforce estate and the supply chain.

Whether you engage 10 contingent workers to 10,000, whether they be PSC/PAYE direct, via agency or via umbrella, this tried and tested model is underpinned by the most agile technology on the market. Our solution is a people led, fully automated…..

Venturi Unite

Venturi provides 3 types of Workforce Management Solution

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Venturi Unite Master Vend

Where our clients want one trusted specialist partner hiring and managing all specialist IT resource.

How it works

Our Master Vend solution provides clients access to our primary VMS technology platform partner Free of Charge providing vacancy management, vendor management, worker onboarding, compliance and registration, placement management (permanent/contract) and Time & Attendance tracking. The software underpins the Venturi Master Vend service ensuring you have a ‘best in class’ account team providing continual access to the very best and most diverse contingent talent fast.


Our service provides clients visibility, control, transparency, reduced risk, stream-lined processes, efficiencies, greater market and business insight and cost reduction over their contingent workforce through a single, cloud native platform, allowing more flexible working practices.

The software platform removes all duplication and manual data management, generates ‘clean data' sets in real time, integrates with other systems/technologies and allows the simple flow and accessibility of data for easy audit processing of entire worker supply chain.

Venturi Unite Hybrid MSP

When clients want one IT agency providing specialist IT resource and managing supply chain with other multiple specialist’s agencies (HR, Finance, Admin etc) either by themselves, via Venturi or via a Neutral Vend model.

How it works

Venturi Unite Hybrid Vend Managed Service Programme (MSP) has Venturi providing all IT resource plus a supply chain of agencies for non-IT roles.

Our solution provides end to end ‘Vacancy to Pay’ management of the workers, agencies and umbrella companies on the supply chain. The supply chain can be managed by Venturi, the client or under a Neutral Vend model. Our software platform is fully automated, ‘best in class’, cloud-based SaaS technology.


Our model provides clients with best access to contingent IT resource as well as best access to other specialist roles.

Cost Savings; significant, sustainable cost savings through budget reduction, efficiency savings (typically 5-10% on annual spend) and cost avoidance strategies.

Optimised use of data; On Demand, weekly, monthly DaaS or ‘Data as a Service’, provides detailed MI reports enabling data driven decision making as well as putting a spotlight on additional cost saving initiatives to reduce spend.

Compliance; end to end enhanced compliance and risk management in relation to existing and future legislation e.g. IR35, AWR, Criminal Finance Act 2017.

Supply Chain Optimisation; optimising your supply chain ensures your agency suppliers are galvanised and highly motivated to source the very best and diverse ‘compliant’ talent for you, rather than the competition.

Visibility; what you can see, you can’t measure nor improve. Radically increased visibility, transparency, control and governance across the worker estate as well as down the supply chain allows you to maximise your workforce strategy.

Venturi Unite Neutral Vend

Where clients want a neutral and independent referee to manage the supply chain and its performance.

How it works

Venturi introduces our primary Neutral Vend partner to the client. Our Neutral Vend partner acts the independent referee and Venturi join the supply chain. All roles are managed and distributed through our primary Neutral Vend MSP partner.


Model; a truly Neutral Vend MSP, acting as an independent referee optimising supplier performance whilst maintaining healthy, competitive tension between staffing agencies.

Cost; zero cost to end hirers as 100% supplier funded (no management fees, implementation fees, licensing fees to the end hirer = zero cost).

Scalability; extremely scalable and agile for rapid deployment. Recent implementation; a full MSP managing 7000 temps, across 289 remote sites in 4 regions under wartime pressures and lockdown (Covid 19) with a weekly workforce churn of 10% in <6 weeks.

Technology; best in class bespoke technology, native cloud and highly configurable VMS bespoke to end hirer needs. 99.98 % data accuracy and high levels of MI, Time and Attendance, Automated Bulk Time Sheets, Smart Rates, QR Geolocation, consolidated invoicing, rounding shift capability to clip overspend.

Service wrapper; high touch MSP + VMS managed service with traditional customer service providing simplicity, transparency, control and most importantly sustainability.

Compliance; IR35 and Criminal Finance Act 2017 management and risk mitigation solution as well as full screening and vetting functionality, AWR etc.

Supply Chain Management; expertise with over 240 supply partners from global recruiters to niche staffing agencies.

Data; Data as a Service; bespoke reporting for individual business functions, on demand, weekly, monthly to maximise visibility, cost control and savings.

Savings; annualised 10% savings on spend.

Our Primary Techology

Recent legislative and compliance changes makes hiring and managing the non-permanent workforce (> 10 temporary workers at any one time) more complex and potentially costly especially if the service and process is not underpinned by technology and automated.

Venturi's primary VMS technology partner is Engage, a best in class solution providing transparency, accountability, control through the hiring process. It's ideal for;

  • Managing tax/worker compliance risks through the entire supply chain.
  • Single, user friendly platform to manage all labour supply in one place.
  • ‘Clean data' sets available in real time, enabling data driven decision making.
  • Remove all duplication and manual data management.
  • Increasing efficiency in the supply chain by reducing hiring manager admin burden, time to hire and costs through automation.
  • Integrates with other systems/technologies, allowing continuous data flows.
  • Removes fraud/errors and enables mistakes to be easily identified/rectified.
  • Effective management of directly engaged contractors as well as agency supplied contractors, as well as Agency supply.
  • Accessible data for easy audit processing of entire labour supply chain
  • Cloud native platform, allows more flexible working practices.
  • Manages Neutral, Master, or Managed Service.
  • Simple margin management allowing more visibility and robust control over spend and costs

The Next Step

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