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Venturi Unite Business Readiness Diagnostics

Clients not having ‘best in class’ recruitment processes, practices or propositions will struggle to attract and retain the best talent, impacting their current and future capability, capacity and business readiness.

Venturi Unite has designed and developed two diagnostics; “Talent Business Readiness’ Diagnostic and the ‘Contingent Worker Business Readiness’ Diagnostic. These enable our clients to baseline their existing processes for attracting, engaging and retaining permanent and contingent talent.

Completing these diagnostics shine a spotlight on current practices, providing a ‘maturity’ score, an Exec Summary Briefing as well as ‘best practice’ short, medium and long-term strategies to reposition your organisation as the ‘Destination of Choice’ in the war for talent.


The 2018 Boston Consulting Group study discloses companies with a diverse leadership team deliver 19% higher revenues than those without.

This insight is further supported by a 2020 McKinsey report highlighted that D&I and performance go hand in hand and that companies with low gender and ethnic diversity, were 27% more likely to underperform on profitability than all other companies in the McKinsey data set.

Improving your D&I strategy is no longer a ‘should’ but a ‘must’ to help increase profitability.

A strong D&I strategy not only makes your organisation more attractive to candidates, it also ensures new ideas, experiences and innovations are introduced, allowing your talent to learn, grow and thrive faster with people learning from each other, therefore improving the productivity of your teams.

Venturi Unite can help support you on your D&I journey by arranging a free 30-minute consultation with our D&I partner, who can, if necessary, offer further D&I consultancy services.


An ‘Employer Value Proposition’ or a ‘Contractor Value Proposition’ is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Having a strong EVP or CVP not only tells new candidates why you are a great place to work, how your organisation adds value for the local community, strong EVP and CVP increases retention for your current permanent heads and contractors and therefore mitigating the hidden costs of talent ‘churn'.

If you would like advice on where to start assessing your current EVP and developing it further, Venturi can arrange a 30-minute free consultation with our ‘EVP, CVP and Purpose partner’, who can, if necessary, offer further consultancy services around this.

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