Venturi has successfully gained a place on the Government’s G-Cloud 12 Framework which enables the Central Government and the wider UK Public Sector to access a range of cloud services to support their individual needs.

Following a challenging submission process leading to Venturi’s appointment onto G-Cloud 12, the Venturi Unite cloud solution will support the Public Sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services through the G-Cloud 12 Framework.

The Framework supports the Public Sector to achieve commercial benefits over £1 Billion supporting world-class public services that offer the best value for taxpayers and supports the UK economy.

Venturi Unite is a genuinely different and evolutionary Neutral Vend Managed Service provider underpinned by best in class cloud technology.

The service enables Public Sector organisations to optimise contingent workers’ engagement and management, (e.g. agency staff, contractors, temps, and freelancers) in a compliant manner aligned to HMRC regulations providing visibility, compliance and ability to audit IR35 status and also mitigate the risk of the Criminal Finance Act 2017.

Venturi Unite is a bespoke and unique service. The model allows a 4-6-week free trial to allow Public Sector buyers to road test the complete solution including service and technology. This provides buyers with first-hand experience of the solution and proof of the
value proposition.

GovData assisted Venturi in gaining their position on the G-Cloud 12 agreement. GovData are Government Business experts who support organisations in gaining access to the Public-Sector market.

Christian Hugo, CEO for GovData

“Our vision is to make a positive impact on the UK economy by ensuring businesses win Public Sector customers, grow revenues and diversify into global Government markets. Ensuring job creation and positive economic impactors for the whole of the UK. Our team work to ensure that our clients not only achieve an awarded status to a Government contract but are fully aware of their obligations and are thoroughly prepared to support UK Government departments with current and future contracts, enabling them to not only win and
grow revenues through Public Sector contracts but remain a positive contributor to the government supply chain.”

Venturi earning their position on G-Cloud 12 represents the company’s growth and development over the past 12 months.

Peter Hartley Director for Venturi Unite

“The Venturi Unite Model has successfully helped businesses in the private sector manage their contingent workforce. It has done this whilst saving them money, enhancing their compliance, increasing their visibility, optimising their data and therefore giving them access to the most talented workforce. We are very excited to be able to offer our clients in the public-sector access to the same benefits.”