Using an IT recruitment agency for C-suite and Executive roles

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Gone are the days when senior tech professionals were seen as the “masters of the basement dungeons” nobody else in the business would dare to enter.


IT is now very much recognised as  key to company growth, primary in customer interaction, linked directly to commerciality, and having a positive effect on the bottom line. As such, recruiting for senior and executive positions within IT is a serious business. This is why many organisations rely on an IT recruitment agency to help them get it right.


The management structure for IT departments across different organisations is varied. But the executive roles we typically recruit for include:


  • CIO
  • CTO
  • Head of IT
  • Programme Directors
  • Divisional Directors.


Given the size and scope of these roles, it’s vitally important to get executive placements right first time round. Placing the wrong person in a C-level position is more costly than doing so at mid-management level. While it is difficult to pinpoint the total cost of a bad hiring decision, most accepted assessments put the cost of a bad hire to be 150-300% of their annual salary each year they remain employed.


When it comes to filling senior IT roles, it’s essential candidates have the relevant background and experience – both from a business management and technical point of view. These leaders need to be capable of bridging the perennial gap between IT and business.


We’ve invested in the latest in senior level recruitment software, allowing us to streamline our process and give you pre-interview access to a wide range of selection materials – including pre-recorded video interviews with shortlisted candidates. Our specialist IT consultants know how to extract key information from both parties, making sure we don’t waste anyone’s time.


As we understand the intricacies of CTO, CIO and Head of IT roles, we appreciate how important it is to look at the finer details that are difficult to quantify. Speaking on our podcast Andrea Cavalieri, CTO at Newsflare, noted how important it is to stay in touch with the human aspect of leadership in a senior technical role.


“When you are managing a team you have to recognise and respect the work that everyone else is putting in. To do that, you need to deeply understand what they are doing and the projects they are working on. That often involves taking a hands-on role when appropriate. Integrating with the rest of the team in this way has a big impact on morale and motivation.” he said.


If you are hiring for a senior technical role, working with an IT recruitment specialist can pay dividends. On the surface, outsourcing recruitment may seem like an unnecessary expense. However you need to consider the potential of cost hiring bad choices to your organisation and your personal future.


Partnering with a trusted recruitment agency, specialising in your hiring niche can not only save you money, but also make you money in the long run.



For help and advice on filling senior technical roles, contact one of our specialist IT consultants and we’ll get straight back to you.