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Not all industries are the same. And neither are recruitment consultants. Whether you are job hunting or need to fill a vacancy, working with a recruiter who fully understands your requirements and concerns will save you time and hassle.


When it comes to technical roles, specialist recruitment consultants offer some key advantages over their generalist counterparts.


What’s the difference?


Generalist recruitment consultants fill positions at companies in a variety of different business sectors. As they work with a broad spectrum of candidates and clients, the skill-sets and role requirements they handle vary considerably from day to day.


In contrast, specialist recruitment consultants focus all their time and attention on one particular industry. Some may specialise even further into niche industry sub-sectors. All roles they recruit for share fundamental similarities.


Why specialist expertise matters in IT recruitment


The intricacies of fields such as cyber security, big data, and software development cannot be absorbed by a cursory glance at a few job descriptions. For positions that require specific skills and knowledge, life is easier when you work with a recruitment consultant that speaks your language.


Regular agency consultants might not have the first clue about the factors separating an average software developer from a truly great one. As a result, their clients often end up swamped in unqualified or unsuitable CV’s.


But with years of industry experience, specialist IT recruiters can look at a candidate’s CV and intuitively determine whether they are a good fit for the company’s needs. This is of huge benefit to candidates and clients alike. Their time isn’t wasted by consistently poor employer/employee matching.


The best in IT recruitment


recruitment consultants london



At Venturi, each member of our team has worked hard to carve out their own niche in the IT job market. Dividing up work in this way means our consultants know all the ins and outs of their patch i.e. who the strongest candidates are, which businesses are expanding, which technologies are trending, and the direction the market is likely to go in future. They also provide a range of additional services such as salary benchmarking and market reports free of charge.


As well as understanding our markets, we strive to maintain strong working relationships with our candidates. We keep them in the loop through regular contact and do our very best to ensure they are fully prepared before interview.


Furthermore the blog and podcast we publish at Venturi give us a distinct advantage over other IT recruitment agencies in terms of our ability to attract and engage elite technical candidates. Our content is specifically tailored toward high-achieving tech professionals who aim to climb the career ladder into leadership and management positions. Delivering this content to our audience daily allows us to stay connected to a large network of strong passive candidates. It also helps our team keep up to speed with the rapid pace of change in tech.


This level of knowledge, understanding, and service simply can’t be matched by generalist consultants. We pride ourselves on our ability to source the very best technical talent in development, cyber security, big data and data science, and cloud and infrastructure.


So whether you are a tech professional or an employer –  browse our consultants page, find the right recruiter for you, and get in touch today to find out how they can help.





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