Leonid is the Head of Engineering at Tyk.io

After university Leonid and two friends founded their own consultancy. They started with small projects and within two years they moved on to bigger jobs. Once doing this for a while Leonid decided to join another small startup-style company. Leonid helped this company to grow until he was managing 5 engineers.  

After a while, Leonid decided to have a change and moved to another town and started to work remotely. He wanted to work remotely so he could spend time with his family and loved ones. He now manages a team of engineers at Tyk remotely.  

Show Notes:

00.32 Today’s podcast is coming at you live from Russia

01.31 Remote working

02.43 The skill of being able to work anywhere 

05.41 Managing a team remotely 

08.37 Leonid’s background and career progression

12.47 The technical side of remote working 

13.56 Moving into management 

15.24 Becoming a head of engineering 

17.08 Innovating as the head of engineering 

18.57 Enjoying all your jobs

21.38 Setting yourself goals