In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Nikunj Patel, an Applications Delivery Manager. This podcast focuses on the changing role of technology over Nikunj’s career. It also tackles the effect A.I and machine learning could have on our lives and how to apply technology to your business goals. It also touches on Nikunj’s career and what motivates him to keep working in technology.

Nikunj is a software delivery manager with a passion for development, testing, and quality assurance. He has 20 years’ experience delivering quality software through various techniques and methodologies. His professional aim has always been to produce high-quality software efficiently with a high level of assurance, using various test techniques, making use of automation to its fullest.

Show Notes

1.16 What technologies do we need to start looking ahead at and considering investing in?

4.45 Getting better at delivering for customer demands.

7.16 Usually the most technically advanced demographics in our society are the most oblivious to online safety and how technology works.

9.19 How are you dealing with fitting technology to your business goals.

11.01 How has your role in technology changed over your career.

13.16 Is there a lot more expected from technical people in the 21st century.

15.37 How much creativity is involved in your projects?

18.22 How do you think A.I and machine learning is going to affect our lives.

20.04 Are we overvaluing data.

22.02 What gives you a feeling of satisfaction when working on projects.