Working in Data Science – Jason Prestinario

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jason Prestinario, Head of Data Science at Komodo Health, about his work in the data science field. They also discuss Jason’s move from mechanical engineering and how that helps him visualize abstract concepts, what he looks for in new candidates and motivating yourself with goals.

Show Notes:

1.44 Transitioning from mechanical engineering to data science

5.45 Visualising the problem and the goals

8.45 Hiring people who are able to visualize abstract concepts

10.25 Academic vs industry

13.06 When did data science become so popular in the industry?

15.37 Human and technology symbiosis

19.30 The scale of the data space right now

23.02 What to look for in a start-up founder when investing

25.37 What Jason looks for when interviewing new candidates

29.37 Being motivated by good goals and a passionate project