In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Vince Russell, Lead Developer at Hawes & Curtis. Their talk focuses on getting into a constructive workflow as a developer, transitioning between a technical and management position and the changing hiring practices of tech companies. They also discuss the individual merits of university degrees as opposed to self-taught skills.

Show Notes:

1.10 Is it impossible to get the product where it needs to be in development?

2.46  External consulting.

4.28  Liaising between departments and leadership.

6.09 How important is it for developers to get into a workflow?

11.20 Reachi9ng your personal “flow state”.

13.21 Transitioning into your management position?

14.31 Developing your management skill set.

16.03 Leadership in a creative environment.

18.51 Do you gravitate towards projects you’re personally interested in?

20.12 Have you been more interested in the technology or outcomes?

21.43 The necessity of being outcome driven to be appealing to employers.

23.27 Self-starters, entrepreneurship and tech.

26.16 Why people need to learn how to code in the 21st century.

29.32 Organisations changing views on university educated candidates.

31.01 Considering up-skilling and what to learn next.

32.30 Finding the time to take on personal projects and staying motivated.

37.10 What are you most excited about in the tech world right now.