Erin has recently taken a role as the Vice President of People at SevenFifty after more than four years at Custora.   

Erin is SHRM-CP certified, this education combined with her experience in several startups has enabled her to create employee friendly guidelines for the companies she has worked for.  

Her role as a people-oriented professional has given her experience in: End-to-end recruiting strategy, the onboarding process, career development and performance management, team engagement and retention, policy, employee handbook creation & growth strategies.

Erin has prior experience in sales, marketing, and customer success implementation. She has always worked to strengthen the ties between these departments because she knows that cooperation between silos allows companies to thrive.

Show Notes:

01.22 Getting into the office for 7am

06.12 Corporate structures, guidelines & control

09.18 Finding what your employee’s value so you can retain them longer

14.33 Moving from hospitality sales to tech startups

17.38 A team with a variety of perspectives is very valuable for a business

21.34 How can a transparent interview process help your company

25.34 Exciting your employee’s with your company’s mission

28.53 Not every company is a fit for every candidate

33.50 Erin’s approach to goal setting