Stephen is the Director of Product at OLX Group 

A lot of Stephen’s background is in product management. He started of his career as a software engineer and expected to do that for his entire career. But then, one Saturday, he was awoken by a support call where some big SMS system was down and he had to figure out how to fix it.

He realised he enjoyed life too much to keep sacrificing his Saturdays like that so he started exploring opportunities. He was looking for a role where he can still build things but not be on call all the time. This is how he discovered product management.  

From this point on Stephen knew he’d found his calling. He spent time working with a very large eCommerce retailer in South Africa. From there he moved to a big global internet company where he worked in a role that involved project managing an agritech startup.     

After this, he fell in love with online classifieds. And moved to OLX where he’s spent the past 6 years doing a variety of exotic things.     

Show Notes:

00.33 OLX Group is one of the big companies no one’s heard of

01.49 Stephen’s career story

03.26 Moving to Berlin 

04.34 The German work culture 

06.54 Separating your work and your life   

08.43 The result of any workshop is two workshops 

10.32 SME’s are trying to promise the world

12.47 Diversity of thought

14.28 Achieving psychological safety at work 

16.34 Influencing your company culture

17.18 Opportunities in local market places 

20.43 Diversifying market places

22.56 What’s next in the product management space 

25.13 Careers at OLX Group