Paul is Head of Information Technology at Graham & Brown.  

Paul knows the best way to keep a company innovating is by listening to and encouraging ideas from its most junior members. Paul came to this conclusion after an abysmal work experience placement in his teenage years. This has led him to build innovative and engaging work placements to foster future talent.  

Show Notes:

00.33 Getting your work-life balance right.  

03.00 Encouraging employee interests outside of work.

04.42 Creating a portfolio of work to augment your career.

08.19 How we treat employees: a generational divide.

11.39 Pauls career.

14.01 Alternate career paths for people who don’t like management.

16.57 Find someone who can ‘learn everything’.

21.53 Swapping jobs every few years.

24.54 Selling yourself on your achievements, not on your years worked at a company.

26.42 Tech moves so quick, how do you stay in demand?

32.19 Continually innovating.

34.00 How will tech evolve in the future.