Why You’d Want an Autonomous Engineering Culture | Natalia Baltazar

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Natalia Baltazar is Head of Engineering at Lantum. Lantum is a health tech startup, working on solving the issues around scheduling and rotas within healthcare.

Natalia has a very unconventional journey into tech, beginning her working life as a teenager running her own fashion design business in Canada, before moving to the UK and managing a boutique clothing shop in Shoreditch. The transition into tech came from learning how to code on her own and helping to create a coding Bootcamp – founders and coders, a free code camp based in London.

We spoke about how to create an autonomous engineering culture, and why you’d want one. The difficulties of running a team remotely, managing communication and remote collaboration.



0:55 – The background of Lantum

2:28 – Natalias unconventional pathway into tech

4:35 – The correlation between making software and making clothing

6:04 – The motivation behind starting Lantum

10:15 – Managing a team remotely

14:25 – The remote hiring strategy at Lantum

22:00 – Ensuring the team are mindful of a work / life balance during remote working

22:30 – Why an autonomous engineering culture is a good thing

28:40 – Screening for curiosity when taking on new hires