Why it matters and how to develop a diverse workplace | Javaad Abdul Rasool @ Habito

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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Javaad Abdul-Rasool is VP of Talent at Habito, a start-up advisor and mentor.

Habito was founded in 2016 with the aim to give people the tools, knowledge and expert support they need to help them buy and finance their homes.

Javaad is currently working in the leadership team at Habito to provide the vision, drive and direction of Habito’s talent agenda.

During the podcast episode, Ben sits down with Javaad to discuss how we can keep flying the flag of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, and why it should be important to all of us. As well as how to build on what we already have, and the things we can do to be successful in the DE&I space.

The SoundCloud link to the episode is here.