Piers is CDO at Cazoo.com

What does the acronym CDO mean? Whilst we now know it to stands for ‘Chief Data Officer’ that wasn’t always the case. Piers and Andy latch on to this change and use it as a springboard to talk about the creation of the CDO’s role in the C-suite.

Piers also tells Andy about his strategies for convincing board members of the power and usefulness of data. They also discuss how a CDO can transform a business into a data-driven organisation.    


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Podcast Notes:

00.59 A CDO isn’t a chief digital officer!

02.51 Want to extract value from your company’s data? You’ve got to restructure.

06.13 Raiders of the lost data. Unlocking the power of legacy data.

09.19 How to justify your data strategy to your CEO & C-suite.

14.00 You don’t need a data scientist just because everyone else has one.

15.33 Clarity on the question you want answering is essential to building a data strategy.

18.31 Structuring your data team so it’s able to benefit an entire business.

21.44 LinkedIn’s role in forming the data science discipline.

23.23 Crafting career paths for data scientists.

27.45 Don’t let anybody tell you data isn’t a creative discipline.

28.41 Advances in deep learning.

32.55 New approaches and algorithms are becoming out of reach from smaller companies.