When & How to Move from Engineer to Tech Lead | Lisa Li, AND Digital

Leadership Styles
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Lisa Li is Technical Lead at AND Digital. Lisa is a proficient developer with many years of experience in analysis, design and develop web and mobile-based applications. She has worked with design agents, e-commences, small businesses, large corporate and government projects. Lisa’s roles have ranged from designing product wireframe, developing web and mobile applications to deploy applications to live environments.

AND Digital accelerates the development of world-class digital capabilities, and power the product development of ambitious companies – from British Airways and Conde Nast, to The Telegraph, Gousto and more.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Lisa to discuss Lisa’s career in technology with advice on how to grow from Junior to Senior in your role in tech. As well as why the tech industry still has a gender imbalance, and what it was like for Lisa at the beginning of her career entering into a male-dominated industry.