Ian is Head of Research and Development at Quantexa.

A background in physics has equipped Ian with an analytical mind. One he has used extensively in his consulting career and beyond into his role with Quantexa. A savvy problem solver with a mind for numbers Ian has been instrumental in the growth of Quantexa.  


Quantexa empowers organisations to drive better decisions from their data. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa uncovers hidden customer connections and behaviours to solve major challenges in financial crime, customer insight and data analytics.


Ian chats to Andy about all aspects of people management. They discuss how to maintain a positive work culture when faced with a company’s rapid growth. They also talk about getting the balance right between formality in the workplace and creating a comfortable environment for everyone.  



Show Notes

00.32 Diving into consulting after university.

04.09 Forming good habits in the early years of your career.

05.12 Starting in startups.

09.37 Creating company culture that can withstand growth.

14.32 Don’t let your business become too formal.

17.00 Finding fulfilment in your work.

22.22 Embracing people management.

24.39 Can non-technical managers lead a technical team.

28.07 What attributes have made you successful in your career?