Sebastian is the founder & CEO at Mettrr.

Sebastian studied IT before moving into financial markets. It wasn’t until his dad asked him to build him a website that the idea for Mettrr came to him. One of the first companies to gain financial backing from crowdsourcing Mettrr raised £100,000 in 11 days.


Mettrr is a DIFM (Do It For Me) website design, build and management service purpose-built for small businesses across the world.


In this show, Andy asks Sebastian about his vision for Mettrr. They also discuss the role automation is playing in the tech sector and chat about acquiring funding.




Show Notes:

00.42 Can excitement be counterproductive.

02.33 What Mettrr does.

03.54 Automating the entire website building process.

05.23 Destroying the website industry.

06.47 Automation will create a skills gap.

07.49 Funding Mettrr.

09.57 Deciding where to get money for your startup.

11.32 Sebastian’s time working in finance.

12.29 The vision for Mettrr.

16.22 Tech is becoming overwhelming.

20.56 Ethos, culture and team building.

23.00 Moving your business forward.

23.55 Lessons Sebastian’s learned during his career.      

25.51 There’s isn’t a singular correct way of solving problems.

27.32 Seeking out advice and networking.