In this episode, Andy Davis talks to David Townsend, VP of Engineering at Funding Circle. The discuss finding new ways for the role of engineering to develop without becoming a manager, what being in a start-up can teach you and how to keep motivated.

Show Notes:

1.16 Where his love of technology started

4.14 Working at Mobile Interactive

7.05 Have previous experiences shaped the way David approached management

9.52 Finding roles for engineers who don’t want to manage

11.30 Becoming a manager via talent or length of time in the job

14.44 Being involved in start-ups at the beginning of a career

19.13 An element of glamorisation in start-ups

22.48 Having a mentor

24.29 Creating habits in a new growing team

25.03 Which best practices to look for?

30.25 What keeps David motivated?