Simplifying the Complexities of Data with Solidatus | Philip Miller

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Philip Miller is a Senior Architect, Analyst and Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry, focusing on creating elegant solutions to tough problems. Philip has specialised in high-performance computing, massively parallel computing, complex event processing and system integration. Recently at the leading edge of real-time regulatory compliance for Dodd-Frank and other real-time regulations. Philip has worked on some of the biggest, most complex challenges in modern banking, and is now the Co-Founder and Director of Solidatus.

Solidatus was developed to help organisations understand how data flows through their systems by providing the most intuitive, flexible, data lineage discovery and visualisation solution. Whether used to demonstrate regulatory lineage, assist with transformational change or provide impact analysis, Solidatus is uniquely designed to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively.

We discuss the process of simplifying the complexities of data and the vital importance of being prepared to ensure intellectual property is safe and useable. 


“In terms of being data heroes, I think the real thing is being able to share information so that people can use it really quickly and disappearing behind the scenes. You don’t need to be seen to be a hero in this case”


0:53 – The service Solidatus provides 

3:50 – Technology can provide good solutions 

7:15 – Keeping intellectual property safe and useable 

9:30 – Is Data an unsung hero of big business?

12:00 – Complexities when scaling Data lineage 

17:00 – Being prepared in Data 

20:00 – No one can escape from privacy legislation

23:00 – Sharing corporate memory

26:00 – Changing perceptions of tech being a male-dominated industry

32:00 – Evening out the male/female divide in tech

40:43 – The company culture at Solidatus