In this episode of Venturi’s Voice, Andy talks to Paige Craig about vision. Paige is the founder and general partner at Arena Ventures, and early stage investor in such companies as; Twitter, Lyft, Postmates, Wish, Angellist, Klout and over 100 more investment…

Paige’s career started at West Point the United States Military Academy, he would go on to serve in the US Marine Corps where he would be promoted to sergeant before leaving in 2000. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, he created the Lincoln Group and started winning Pentagon contracts to assist with “psychological operations”. In 2007 he sold his shares in the Lincoln Group and moved out to Los Angeles where he would start investing in startups as an angel investor. 

We were only able to catch Paige for a short time as he was running between meeting but still managed to get valuable insights into the mind of a successful investor and what qualities he specifically looks for in a leader and this importance of vision. 


Show Notes:

Who is Paige Craig and how did he start as an investor? 1.05

What qualities does Paige look for talent and founders pre-investment 2.02

The learning curve of the business and founders 2.33

Paige is looking for leaders who are always learning and pushing that into their business culture 3.09

Paige’s life experience which inspired his 33 principles for investment 3.42

Everyone will make mistakes when hiring 4.19

When you have to make hard calls about firing people 5.37

Budgeting for new talent acquisition as a new business 5.58

Motivating your people without money 6.13

The correct time to bring on staffing experts as a start-up 7.10

Using software to shine a light on dark corners of the world 9.42

Paige’s prediction for the next big technology movement 10.18

Does Paige only invest in innovation or other techs too? 11.34

The most important quality in staffing and leadership 12.58

Vision in founders is incredibly important for any business 13.51