Working in a video game studio – Nick Warr

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Nick is the Head of IT at Bossa Studios  

Originally a graphic artist Nick specialised in art with a computer specialisation. At university, he studied 3D graphics and 3D art.  

When Nick started working he found his industry was full of artists but not many people who were technically minded. 

So Nick found himself slowly gravitating to the more technical side of his role. Nick started in tech support and began slowly specialising in networking and bounced back and forth between this and some web graphics work.   

Eventually, Nick got offered a job at a very small ISB he became the systems administrator there and learned how to administer servers that he had a natural affinity for. Nick took several jobs as a system administrator all over the world before ending up in the UK where he’s working now.   

Show Notes:

00.32 E-sports is penetrating the mainstream 

05.18 The positive impact e-sports is having on society 

09.01 Discovering new cultures with esports 

10.57 Nick’s background 

13.33 Taking charge of your personal development  

17.06 Beginning your tech career

20.59 Working in a video game studio 

24.55 Agile methodologies