Where do managers add value? Leanne let us know at 13.03

Leanne is the IT Digital Services Director at Heathrow Airport 

A highly accomplished and resilient IT Director, Leanne has global experience in leading the development and execution of IT Strategies to support business transformation. Her success is underpinned by her ability to weave together ideas and the right talent and get tangible deliverable done. Leanne is known completing transformation projects and she makes sure that everyone involved understands the purpose of the transformation and that they have fun when they’re doing it. 

Understanding your value as a manager

‘The biggest challenge when you move into a management position is understanding your new value. As a leader the value you bring to your team and company changes. 

It can be a hard adjustment at first when you’re not presenting an eCommerce platform you’ve built, for example. If you have no finished product to show people that serve as evidence to your efforts it can be hard for you to understand how you’ve had an impact on your team.  

But management is about moving away from the practicalities of your role and facilitating other people’s learning and growth. What management isn’t is showing other people how you did something. It’s all about creating an environment in your team that enables productivity. It’s about assigning tasks and coaching your team members so that the companies vision is realised.     

Once you realise that’s what management is all about you’ll start to see the immense value you bring to your team. Managers also have to get their team’s dynamics right. No one wants a table full of rockstars! You need to hire a diverse bunch of people that have complementary skills, recognise where the skills gaps are in your team and plug them with new starters. All whilst creating a positive, vibrant atmosphere where people feel like they can succeed.’ – Leanne Lynch

 Show Notes:

01.00 Change your organisation, change your life.

03.33 Pivoting in your career.

07.11 Tech changes is happening exponentially.

09.51 Letting go of the things you used to control. 

13.03 Finding your feet in a management position.

16.39 Fear mongering about AI.

20.36 Employee flexible working. 

23.30 21st century managers need to be a lot more agile. 

25.22 Learning from millennials.

29.40 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The worst question in the world.