“I see UX like a function of product design because it’s less about the look, feel and structure of a product and more about behaviours and getting into the psychology of the user”   

Alex Reekie is the Head of UX/ UI and Product Consultant at WM Reply.  

Alex believes UX is a function of product design and he has spent most of his professional life combining the two disciplines. With a background working for companies like; Satago, Comet & Millermedia7 he is an expert in bringing together UI, UX, and Product Design. And in doing so, making something far greater than the sum of its parts.  

An expert at bringing together teams, Alex can communicate a company’s goal to various departments in a way that drives greater cohesion. He has a sharp eye for web design which he uses to dissect the inner workings of Facebook’s business model on this show.  

Show Notes:

0.32 Peer-driven behaviours.

6.06 De-centralising the internet.

12.56 Commoditising creatives.  

19.01 The UX & UI talent pool.

23.14 Diversifying your skill set.

27.02 Staying with a company for too long.

31.08 The automation & AI movement.

34.38 Making sure your work challenges you.