Davide is the Head of Data at Funding Options

As technology is evolving, so is the data landscape. In today’s dynamic business environment, creating meaningful data needs to be fast, simple, and cost-effective. It’s more important than ever to keep up with the developments – new technologies keep your analytics simple, and it must be capable of significant scaling without limits and be able to manage diverse data.

Davide talks us through how modern warehousing solutions can simplify big data:

“New technologies are taking precedence over data lakes because it’s much easier for us to work with enterprise data warehouses like Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery right now than it is to work with a massive data lake”

In this episode, Davide talks about his passion for the industry and keeping up to date with the developments of the landscape. We discuss how you can use data to drive the success of a business, and how to take advantage of technology to build a tech team, and the realities and pitfalls to be aware of during this process. 



01:50 – The role of Head of Data at Funding Options

03:25 – Keeping up with data developments

06:10 – The diverse type of data at Funding Options 

07:10 – Strategy for data management & governance 

12:00 – How recruitment and technology are interleaved

18:50 – The data driving a business

21:00 – Advice for the data career path 

28:00 – Building a data team to achieve goals

30:00 – The challenges that come with data