Using Tech to Save Brick and Mortar Retail @ Michaels Stores | Ken Hunter

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Ken Hunter is an accomplished technology leader with a credible history of success building and transforming state-of-the-art technology systems from conception to completion. Ability to align technology strategy with business needs, vision, and standards. Adept at spearheading top-notch organizations, involving migration to balanced cloud infrastructures, legacy systems modernization, and mobile application strategies execution. He’s a transformational technology leader with the ability to build and lead high performing teams across multiple business lines and geographies. Refined communicator; expert in cultivating and strengthening professional relationships with teams, clientele, partners, stakeholders, and management.

In Ken’s role as Vice President of Technology at The Michales Companies, he directs development of modern eCommerce marketplace, finished goods third-party retail platform; act as cornerstone for organizational growth. He also acts as Interim Technology Officer to monitor and manage Merchandising and Supply Chain Systems for over $5B company.

During this podcast episode, Ben sat down with Ken to discuss the future of eCommerce and traditional brick and mortar stores, and how we can leverage technology to save traditional retail.