Neil is the Head of Architecture at Covéa Insurance and has worked in IT for 25 years, from early ’90s SGML first online internet solutions to Head of Architecture – with experience delivering applications with diverse technologies applying Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Consulting and system design experience. Starting out as a technical author at a software house in Birmingham in the ’90s, Neil crafted his trade as he went, with his latest move to Covéa Insurance.

The demands of the customer in the insurance market are changing rapidly and the industry is ready for disruption – Neil is looking ahead of the curve and using tech to transform the way insurance works:

“If you think about what insurance is and where we’re moving towards and the pace and demands of the customers, what they want, what they need, it has to change, it has to move into a very different understanding of its customers and what they expect.”


Embracing Technology for Customer Needs

Digital has only recently hit the insurance industry and it has been slower in the uptake to adopt and incorporate improved technology systems and practices. As a decision-maker – Neil is looking at customer needs in the modern-day, focusing on embracing technology to develop a personalised customer experience:

“There’s a lot of innovative ideas coming out of Covéa Digital that we’re thinking around that will change the insurance sector. You see a lot of organisations pushing on these ideas and it will change the sector.”



0:55 – What Covéa Insurance does and Neil’s role

01:50 – Neil’s 25 years in the tech industry 

04:30 – Finding resources back in the 90s

06:45 – Working when CSS had just started

08:45 – Staying on top of tech developments

10:45 – How to apply yourself to get the outcome you want

11:53 – Time vs quality 

13:55 – Transformational change at Covéa Insurance

16:30 – The insurance market is ready for disruption

17:25 – Changing demands of the customers 

18:30 – Challenges of technology in the industry

20:45 – Data is king

22:40 – How the landscape has changed

25:25 – Advice for the Technical Architect career path