Claudia is Co-Founder of Eat Safe App.

Eat Safe makes eating out straightforward for those with allergies and intolerances by finding restaurants that match dietary requirements. Using her extensive experience in software development, Claudia was responsible for bringing this idea to fruition. She has mastered a broad range of languages and was previously head of Android App development at Gumtree.  

As a gifted communicator, Claudia knows the importance of soft-skills in tech. She believes communicating technical challenges to non-technical people has been a key ingredient in her success.

Show Notes:

0.31 Focusing on building products that solve ‘real world’ problems.

6.07 Combining commercial awareness with technical ability.

9.03 Understanding where you fit into your company’s vision.

10.17 Recognising where you have room for personal development.

14.36 Claudia’s tech inspirations.

18.18 The challenges in the early phases of a startup.

21.30 The steep learning curve in running your own startup.

24.51 Bringing disparate personalities to your team.

27.47 The hype around personalisation.