Using big data to fight climate change – Noelia Martinez

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Noelia Martinez is the Head of Data Science and Astrophysics at

Noelia’s has worked in both a corporate and educational environment. Her wide range of experiences has made her an expert at being able to apply data to any scenario. She is an advocate of using data to tackle global problems such as; pollution and climate change. Noelia knows that the only way to protect our planet is through the application and use of data.

Show Notes:

0.32 Noelia academic research.

4.01 Does the ‘data scientist’ role even exist?

4.53 Why did you move from academia to data science.

8.23 What was the biggest shock for you when you moved careers?

12.29 Will automation allow people to stop doing boring tasks.

15.38 Noelia’s opinions on earth day.

22.44 Global warming shouldn’t be a political issue.

24.06 Consumption factors around reusable factors.

26.17 What can we do with data to influence global decisions?