In this episode, Andy Davis talks to John Louis Petitbon, Sr Director, Platform Engineering at Lifion by ADP. Johnlouis discusses the role of an SRE with Andy. They chat about the similarities SRE’s share with the DevOps methodology. Andy also asks Johnlouis about his move into management and later leadership.

Johnlouis is a Senior technology professional specializing in TechOps, SRE, and DevOps. He is experienced in building teams and managing rapid growth in small to medium enterprises.

Show Notes:

1.09 What are the responsibilities of Site Reliability Engineer?

4.17 Is there a linear path into a Site Reliability Engineering team?

14.22 Do you see SRE as a methodology similar to agile?

19.45 Johnlouis Background and career development.

23.13 Johnlouis’ first steps into management and then leadership.

28.48 The importance of continued learning.

31.23 Do you think SRE’s are going to evolve in the ways that they operate?