Information Security: The pitfalls and problems facing us in the 21st century – David Lacey

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David Lacey is the Managing Director of David Lacey Consulting.

With over 20 years of experience managing information security David is one of the foremost experts in his field.

Working as a consultant in many large companies such as; Royal Mail Group, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, and The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has allowed David to specialises in Information security management, business continuity management, risk management, and crisis management.

On the show, he talks to Andy about tackling the disparate approaches to security in the 21st century, David’s work building a four-dimensional metaphysical GRC database and educating businesses on network security.

Show Notes:

1.06 Should we be worried about our online security

3.20 What are the biggest challenge in security?

5.16 Has the internet backfired in a security context?

7.06 Are we doing enough education around cyber-attacks?

9.40 A four-dimensional metaphysical GRC database

11.43 Combining David’s work with other security methods

13.38 Discussing the longevity of some now fashionable techniques and technology

17.10 Security, philosophy and understanding information

18.30 Determining problems in big business’s systems?

21.01 Working with the original I.S.C 2700

23.51 Is the speed tech is advancing creating a lot of security risks

28.38 Staying motivated in the security sector