Understanding Data Sets: Describing the advantages of data to customers – John Kelly

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to John Kelly, Director of Analytics at QxBranch. On the show they discuss the excitement around Quantum Computing. Andy asks about the skills a person’s needs for a career in Data Analytics. They also chat about the projects John is working on.  

John is an experienced practitioner and leader in data analytics, with a passion for applying these skills to automate complex processes and discover new insights that can impact people’s quality of life. He is currently directing the development of data analytics solutions at QxBranch and he was previously the Technical Lead for Corporate Data Analytics Initiatives at Lockheed Martin.

Show Notes:

1.08 How has the data sectors changed?

3.38 Is it a challenge staying disciplined on the projects at hand?

5.47 Educating clients on the applications of data?

9.41 Tackling the inherent bias people have when looking at data-sets.   

13.32 What is the most compelling part of data for you?

17.44 Necessary characteristics of a good data professional.

20.17 Do you find a lot of diverse backgrounds in the data sector.

23.23 What are the most common questions people ask you?

25.50 How do you see Data and analytics progressing in the coming year?

30.17 Quantum computing.