Emmanuelle Johaadien is the Director of commercialisation at Visa. She’s the woman who turns ideas into money.

With a focus on FinTech authentication, payments, and telecom – she has honed her skills working for companies such as the Department for Transport, British Telecom PLC and the Greater London Authority.       

Emmanuelle’s taken managerial positions in a variety of industries. And she has a keen eye for a spotting the juicy job opportunities that others might miss. She’s also an expert in self-correction; cutting your losses and moving on when a career change doesn’t go your way.

Underpinning all this is her forward-thinking leadership style which places transparency & communication at the heart of her management mentality.

We discuss all this and more on the podcast and Emmanuelle lays out her strategy for removing the bias inherent in your own management style.

Show Notes:

1.07 Emmanuelle’s career progression and professional interests.

2.17 Do you enjoy moving from project to project?

3.36 Ensuring you don’t become “stale” in your career.

7.29 Do you like a great sense of ownership when deciding on a job to take?

9.16 Transitioning to management.

12.03 Understanding how to get through to people in management.

13.35 Tackling personal bias in your managerial style.

15.30 Discussing the role of a COO.  

18.03 How do you manage the multiple aspects of your role?

20.32 Transparency in business.

23.14 Who were your influences when starting your career?

24.42 Being given freedom to work the way you want.

26.54 Opportunities as an incentive to take jobs over salary.

29.13 Navigating through your career when you make an incorrect job decision.

30.13 What continues to motivate you in your career?