Is there such thing as a typical Data Scientist – Lachlan Ratjens

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Lachlan Ratjens, Head of Data Science and Engineering at Collinson Group. On the show, they discuss managing the expectations around data. Andy asks Lachlan if there is such a thing as a typical data scientist. They also chat about the growing importance of the CDO in the C-suite. At the end of the podcast, Lachlan details how he sees data evolving in the coming years.

Show Notes:

1.06 All the different backgrounds present in data science.

2.57 Creating more consistency in developing Data Science talent.

4.04 Lachlan’s background and career progression.

5.50 Problem solving with data.

7.20 Are we still in the data science hype.

9.16 Managing expectations around data.

11.58 The classic archetype of a Data Scientist doesn’t exist yet.  

14.01 When you scope out a project what do you find exciting and what do you like working on?

15.47 The cultural shift that needs to take place to fully utilise data.

19.13 Should the responsibility for cultural fit be down to individuals or the organisation?

20.48 Is the role of a CDO sufficient to manage all aspects of the data process?

23.28 Is the evolution of data science going to continue?

24.51 What’s the most exciting part of data at the moment?