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David Ives is VP Engineering at Pollen, an international marketplace scale-up, changing the game in live music, youth culture and travel. Following several successful acquisitions in the travel space, they are already the market leader across North America, which has allowed them to tap into an increasingly larger share of a $12 billion market.

As a service that’s core is dependant on group activities and experiences, we hear how is managing to grow in an industry that’s rapidly shrinking. The travel industry has been hit hard by COVID, but David and his team have managed to pivot quickly during lockdown to ensure the company develops, rather than diminishes.

Moving at the right speed and attacking the right markets at the right time:



0:56 – Advertising to a different generation

2:12 – The service provides as a business

3:19 – Building a loyal fanbase

4:30 – Pivoting quickly and reacting to COVID

8:10 – The tech involved in the business

10:35 – Why using influencers for marketing works for their demographic

11:29 – The early stages of and how it’s grown to be so successful

18:10 – The working and social culture at Pollen

22:20 – How COVID has affected working life

24:30 – The positive outcomes of COVID

26:11 – Growing in an industry that’s shrinking rapidly

27:50 – The future of Pollen