Tom is CEO at Cazana

The motor industry needs independent, transparent data, that’s the opinion of Tom Wood. His company Cazana is providing that data to 3 million customers a month. Backed by VC money Cazana is now in a rapid growth phase.

Company growth, creating culture and data in the automobile sector are discussed in this podcast. Andy asks Tom about his ‘one day working interview’ hiring process and how strategic hiring, based around culture, can reduce churn.  Tom also detail the role Cazana is playing in the car market and what it is doing to shake up an archaic sector.


Cazana provides vehicle data, valuations and audience for the future of mobility. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.

Cazana’s systems are used by manufacturers, finance companies, dealerships, and insurers globally. Companies use Cazana’s data to provide vehicles to the modern automotive consumer who wants mobility, not ownership.

Podcast Show Notes:

00.30 The one-day working interview.    

03.10 How to entice candidates to your company with your tech stack.

04.59 Invest a bit extra into your hiring process. It’ll reduce churn.

07.21 Every hiring decision we make contributes 5% of our culture.     

10.35 No data. A data scientists worst nightmare.

14.39 Extracting meaning from an unruly data set.

16.50 Data science isn’t new it’s just growing rapidly.  

19.40 Supporting your employee’s growth allows you to build great products fast.  

20.39 When you take VC money you need to grow fast.   

22.06 Providing data to three million customers a month.

22.57 The motor industry needs independent, transparent data.

23.22 Consumer finance in the car industry.