Today’s guest is Jamie Ingilby the Head of Technology at Yoox Net- A- Porter Group. Jamie has an interesting background as a technologist that has a business background and MBA. We talk about how having that business background impacted his transition into management.

Show Notes:

1.27 Has Jamie always had an interest in tech?

2.42 The difficult transition to management 

5.54 Jamie actively pursuing the business side of tech

12.15 Motivating multiple teams

14.20 Are tech people motivated by the product and outcome

16.10 Key factors when on-boarding people

20.23 Competitiveness in tech: beneficial or destructive?

22.39 Making your own luck 

26.51 Working with a mentor to refine your ideas

29.40 How Agile has helped as a methodology

34.45 What does Jamie find exciting in the tech world

37.33 Future technology highlights