Paolo is the Software Development Manager at

A software developer with 10+ years of experience, Paolo started learning computer science in his native Italy. Paolo has a master’s degree in computer vision and artificial intelligence.  

Five years ago Paolo decided he wanted a new adventure and challenge and moved to the UK and he started working for Volume. When he started the company was mainly a digital agency. But when Paolo started it was already changing to a more AI-focused development company. Paolo was part of this transition.  

They moved from a marketing agency to a software development company. Currently, they already have some products on the market and they mainly focus on machine learning and AI for conversational platforms.      


Show Notes:

01.22 Paolo’s background and career 

04.44 The viability of AI and machine learning 

06.06 Significant changes in the data space 

08.23 Where will the data sector grow in the coming years    

10.29 Combating AI skepticism

11.59 AI’s effect on the jobs market

13.49 The technical aspects of machine learning

15.04 Improving peoples quality of life with data

16.03 How has AI got to where it is today

17.48 There’s no linear path to getting into data

20.44 Moving from a digital agency to AI

23.17 Career opportunities at