Krishan is CTO at Arkera

Graduating in 2013 with a degree in computing at Imperial Krishan started working at several big companies including working on Youtube for Google. He really enjoyed the agile way of working and decided to move to a startup where he could sink his teeth into a big problem and have an impact on a business. This led Krishan to Arkera.   


Show Notes:

01.12 Krishan’s career story 

02.36 Doing computing at Imperial 

03.24 Krishan’s time working at Google 

04.01 Acquiring business skills 

04.58 What does Arkera do?

06.48 Fintech disruption 

08.19 Krishan’s role as the CTO 

10.03 What tech do you invest in?

12.23 Operating a flat hierarchy 

14.41 Working in agile 

19.11 Can testing paralyse your decision process

21.24 Managing failure 

25.01 Culture fit vs technical fit 

27.57 Finding employees that can adapt to your company’s challenges 

29.48 Company culture

31.40 Where can people find Arkera