Sina Jazayeri is the Director of software engineering at InRhythm, founder of color code.Io, and host of The Drunk Web Podcast.

As a front-end Software Developer Sina’s primary interests are performance, user interface, and user experience. His passion for sharing knowledge was the factor that drove him to start his own podcast and code academy.

Spinning so many plates can get hectic. But Sina avoids the stress with excellent time management. He believes that a well-organised life in combination with a trusting and compassionate management style helps avoid burnout. Sina lists his top tips for “getting things done” on today’s podcast.

Show Notes:

1.18 Managing teams, your workload, external projects, and podcasts.

4.14 The key to time efficiency.

8.01 Trust and honesty in people management.

11.36 Learning and evolving as a manager.

18.00 Stepping out of your comfort zone.

22.59 Managing variables involved in people management.

28.03 Developing personal relationships with colleagues.  

32.31 Sina’s new project Color Code.