Paul is the CTO at Sopra Steria.  

We’re all so busy nowadays that it  can be really difficult to think about your job creatively and innovate new solutions for your business. No matter how many ‘creative sessions’ you book in with your team sometimes the best way to get into a creative mindset is in your own time.   

Finding time for strategic, creative thinking is a key focus of this podcast. Paul and Andy talk about how automation could hold the key to relieving us from monotonous tasks. They also discuss the skills gap between ‘early career’ workers who are target driven and reactive and ‘mid-late career’ employees and how they need to be more thoughtful and proactive to move a business forward.   

Show Notes:

02.41 Reflecting on a busy year.

04.46 Why busyness isn’t a virtue. 

08.20 The perils of too many meetings.

10.47 Why being numbers driven can hamper your creative thinking.       

13.54 Don’t be scared of AI, it’ll free us up to think about the big picture.

18.01 Expressing creativity through engineering.

19.42 Finding influences in your peers.

22.13 Mentoring relationships.

26.56 Sopra Steria’s junior consultant program.

29.16 Reducing crime: why the ideal police service should have no officers.

35.25 The problems with using numbers to predict the future.