The Virtual Festival Experience @ The World’s Online Festival | Gary Knight & Martin Rosinski

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Martin Rosinski is Founder & Chief of Tech at The World’s Online Festival, with an impressive previous technical history having created Palringo, which was the first ever chat app to launch on the Apple App Store (2008), and then became the first mobile app to introduce chatbots – and the first to introduce sticker packs (2011). Building on its proven heritage of world-first innovation, and leveraging its state-of-the-art technology platform, Palringo has now introduced a breakthrough market offering – the World’s Online Festival, which is an incredible user-created world filled with Group Chat, Live Audio Shows, Friendship and Entertainment. WOLF has over 35 million downloads and more than 350,000 user-created social groups.

Gary Knight is CEO of WOLF, building a user-created world filled with group chat, live audio shows, friendship and entertainment. The app delivers the festival experience to your pocket – users can interact with the people on stage, create their own audio shows and experience the magic of real-world festivals on their phone.

We spoke about the considerations when re-launching an app, and from a technical point of view, how to rebuild the foundations of an app.

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1:00 – The motivation behind the World’s Online Festival

6:10 – The history of Palringo and where it all started

7:06 – Re-launching the app over an 18-month program

11:14 – The new technology behind building the app

17:19 – The challenges of broadcasting live events to scale

18:50 – The marketing strategy of a user-lead platform

26:50 – Re-launching & refining the user experience

29:00 – The inspiration behind creating an immersive experience

36:20 – The World’s Online Festival’s vision for the future