The value of culture – Matt McNeill

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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Matt is Customer Engineering Director, Google Cloud UK&IE.  

Throughout a varied career, Matt has had the privilege of working alongside some great innovators and inspiring leaders at major companies, such as Google, NHS, EADS, and the European Space Agency, through roles in the UK, Europe, and the US.


Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since its foundation in 1998, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a single language they now offer dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages.


In this episode, Matt tells Andy about the culture at Google and dispels some of the myths around what makes a ‘good’ company culture. They also discuss finding talent and moving to a leadership role. 

Show Notes:

00.32 Building the best environment for innovation.

04.19 Convincing people to get on board with your projects.

06.56 Culture isn’t bean bags and table football.

10.42 How do you identify talent?

13.46 Finding future employee’s that compliment your skills.

15.20 Collaboration is valuable.  

16.13 Technology is now a product.

24.12 Finding fulfilment in a leadership role.

29.09 Combining innovation and what your customer actually wants.

32.48 Keeping motivated.