The Value of Building a Personal Brand: Advice and Tactics | Chris Samiullah

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Chris Samiullah is Technical Lead at Babylon Health, an online course author, conference speaker and writer.

Chris has been writing code for 8 years, and for the past three years has focused on scaling machine learning applications. He has done this at fintech and health-tech companies in London, where he has worked on and grown production machine learning applications used by hundreds of thousands of people. And currently works on systems for predicting health risks for patients around the world at Babylon Health.

Babylon Health is a health service provider that provides remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging through its mobile application.

In this podcast episode, Chris explains the importance of self-promotion and personal branding to get ahead in the tech industry. In today’s modern age, a good CV isn’t enough to rely on to make your next big career move. Chris explains the different ways you can contribute to the tech industry in your own time, and by doing so, improving your personal brand and increasing the likelihood of taking the next big step in your tech career.

“Think about your personal brand, it’s something that you have to take on as your own project and really make sure that it’s an area you give attention and time to.”

Chris is also a Machine Learning online course author for Udemy, his excellent online courses can be found here.

Take a look at Chris’ Blog: Practical Personal Branding for Software Developers [2020 Guide]!


0:41 – The service Babylon Health provides

1:52 – Chris Samiullah’s role at Babylon Health and background in the tech industry

2:58 – The fierce competition in the software engineering space

4:01 – How to get to the top: The combination of personal-branding and self-promotion

7:50 – The tactics of personal branding, where to begin

10:20 – What does Chris do for personal branding?

12:05 – Getting through the paper-sift when applying for a new role

15:00 – Doing personal branding the right way

16:50 – How does Chris find the time to contribute to so many different projects?

18:34 – How to develop positive habits

20:45 – The resources Chris relies on to stay ahead in tech

21:48 – Is there anything that people underestimate in the industry?