Technology Education — Today’s guest is Matthew Bellringer, the Head of  Platform Development at the University of Sussex.  He manages the team responsible for the development, improvement and technical architecture of the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system platforms and associated infrastructure at the university.

As well as being a talented infrastructure manager Matthew also blogs about  Psychology for IT Pros

We discussed how useful having a background in psychology can be when it comes to managing people… And how universities are adjusting their approach to traditional curriculum in the fast-changing technology environment.

Show Notes:

How did Matthew get into Psychology 1.48

The role of universities in the future 3.12

Universities changing to suit the modern world and adapt to technology 4.41

Adapting to new technology and effects on the next generation 6.30

Valuable soft skills 10.34

How did Matthew learn the skills for his job? 11.33

Getting the most out of your team on a linear basis 13.06

Using psychology in leadership management 15.08

Keeping goals front of vision for everyone 16.42

The relationship between org culture and the products 19.34

Staying hungry for success or falling behind 21.30

Companies need to change their culture in order to survive 24.17

Look for the next problem rather than the next technology 25.49

Public vs. private sector 27.33

Competitive spirit with a public sector team 30.30

Cultural fit for the onboarding process and the challenges in this 32.42

Behavioral economics lab 34.22

The value in reading cutting-edge research 38.30