Is technology a driver of culture? – Alastair Brown

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Alastair is the CTO at BrightHR.

An enthusiastic and motivated professional, Alastair has spent twenty-seven years working in Information Technology. He has a very strong technical background with delivery focussed experiences across many business sectors. Alastair has many years of experience delivering large and complicated IT projects and programmes, with a reputation for guaranteed delivery to the highest quality.

Is technology a driver of culture?

Do people move to companies to work with the latest tech? Are innovative and interesting projects a big draw for in-demand tech talent? If desirable candidates flock to businesses does that create a company culture that is always focused around the latest technical developments? Alastair doesn’t think so, he laid out his reasons why in the podcast.     

‘No, not really. It’s not the product your building that matters. I think its the flexibility and freedom within a project to innovate.

So, for example, our tech stack is pretty ordinary. It’s not bleeding edge but its certainly leading edge. But, we do things right, we don’t put constraints on technology. We define the problem we’re trying to solve for the business and we govern the architecture so we make sure we don’t end up with chaos. But outside of that, you can build in any way that you like. I think its that freedom that people really desire.’   

Show Notes:

00.58 Hiring tech talent in Manchester

04.22 Manchester’s startup boom

07.41 People want to live where they work

12.32 Culture is a big pull for potential employees

15.37 Do products and technology determine company culture  

16.36 Old school leadership

18.29 Do leaders need to stay technical?

24.11 Changing attitudes to commercial success

28.52 Innovation isn’t always necessary

32.42 Achieving your goal


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