In this episode of Venturi’s Voice, Andy talks to Andrea La Mendola about technology & staffing. Andrea is the Head of Operations at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Previously Vice President and co-founder of Relov, an international brand for fashion, design and high tech. Board Member and co-founder of Indyca, Italian production company of motion picture.

Co-founder and producer at Toast, an International production company specialized in commercials.  Andrea is an Award Winning director and producer for movies, documentaries and commercials.

We talk about how technology is changing the way we approach building a team…

Show Notes:

Who is Andrea La Mendola and what does he do? – 1.02

Life in LA is perfect for technology and weather! – 1.47

Hyperloop worldwide partnerships – 3.09

Potential idea’s for Hyperloop working across the Atlantic Ocean – 3.45

Differences in technology and the speed of innovation between London and LA – 4.55

Persistence in innovation creates environments like California – 6.00

What innovation means to Andrea – 7.37

LA as a hub that all designers try to recreate – 9.40

The importance of external relationships outside of the LA bubble – 11.26

Taking care of your network – 11.50

How successful people use their network – 13.39

Andrea’s advice: Be interested in what people are talking about – 16.12

Never underestimate the importance of trust in business – 17.34

How to build trust – 17.58

Other factors that influence trust – 19.47

Remote workers at Hyperloop – 21.36

Challenges of working with remote workers – 21.55

Improving motivation for remote workers – 23.58

Possibilities of using virtual reality for work – 25.02

Education for people using technology – 26.52

Innovation in education – 27.46

What Andrea thinks about motivating the next generation – 29.58

How to keep next generation engaged – 32.27

Transparency vs confidentiality – 36.48

Can entrepreneurs make good leaders? – 37.30

What is “servant leadership” and why does Andrea approve of it – 40.27

Types of leadership for types of people – 40.56

Staffing roadblocks – 41.42