Today’s Guest is George TunnicliffeAn accomplished technical and senior management technology professional. George is an expert in change and transformations – Creating and improving established business IT process and strategy.

Currently The Head of IT Operations at National TheatreWe discuss George’s unique background, interest in the arts and what continues to motivate him each day…  

(Correction: George mentions NTLive broadcasting to 4000 cinemas, currently its over 2000 but increasing).

Show Notes:

Getting into technology as a child 1.30

Using technology to help with art 5.02

Technology advantages to help with art production 5.40

Focusing on the art rather than improving into the future 8.01

On-boarding people from a corporate background 15.32

Working collaboratively on a challenge 18.22

Cultural fit for employees 19.29

Knowing in advance what the National Theatre does 21.07

George’s style of leadership 22.33

George’s mentors and leaders when he was starting 24.29

Getting the culture right 27.49

Technologies in the Arts in the future 29.13