In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Adrian Barrett, CEO and founder at Exonar. Adrian discusses the challenging world of startups and the importance of technological innovation in moving tech industries forward. Andy asks about the vital role of customer feedback. They also touch on choosing the right approaches in business and picking the best technologies.

Adrian is a specialist in creating and growing innovative businesses his previous roles have been the international VP of Lumeta and VP of eloyalty.

Show Notes:

1.45 The challenges of Entrepreneurship and startups.

4.45 The importance of a team dynamic and work culture when forming a start-up team and business.

6.45 The recruiting strategy at Exonar.

8.15 Discussing Investment in new employee’s.

12.00 Talking about innovation and technology within tech industries.

15.00 Areas where we can see opportunities for innovation outside of technology.

17.10 The importance of customer feedback.

20.10 The issues around overthinking problems.

21.30 Picking the right technologies and approaches in business.

23.20 What thought process were undertaken when starting your business.